Hunting methods

I. Individual hunts

1. Stalking:

Is one of the most beautiful hunting methods for big game. The hunter - alone or with a partner or an accompanying hunter – tries to approach the game on foot. During his search he may also spot several other games too. Stalking entails a number of short stops, i.e. the hunter is continuously on standby and never lets the presumed hideout of the game out of his sight.

2. Stand hunting:

The hunting blind may be a man-made raised hide or a natural hide, such as a bush. This method of hunting is especially used for big game. Stand hunting consists of waiting for the game in its natural habitat in places that were beforehand deemed accordingly. Stand hunting is one of the most comfortable hunting methods. By motionless waiting it is easier to identify the game than during stalking.

II. Group hunts

In the case of big game we organize driven hunts for groups of at least 6 people or battues for groups of at least 7 people.

1. Driven hunt:

The size of the hunting area is limited in this particular type of hunt which also involves a small number of participants and no dogs. The accompanying hunters start to drive the game from behind until it can be brought down on its usual pass.

2. Battue:

This type of hunt takes place in a much larger area and with the participation of more hunters. Hunters wait in the killing zone, the beaters and their dogs scour the woods for game and after spotting it, they scare it towards the hunters.

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