Come and hunt in Romania!

Transylvania Hunt“The most reliable weapon of a huntsman is patience.”
(Lee Wallek)


Romania is located in Central and Eastern Europe and has a population of 20 million inhabitants (according to the 2011 census). 88.6% of the population is Romanian, 6.5% Hungarian, 3.3% Romani and 1.6% has other ethnic origin. The country is dominated by the mountain range of the Carpathians the peaks of which reach altitudes of 2500 m (8200 ft). These mountains house a large number of beloved and popular resorts. Basins, stream and river valleys, gorges, mountain passes and straits of a breathtaking beauty, but also snow-covered peaks attract nature lovers with wonderful opportunities for a well-deserved relaxation. The Romanian Plain, surrounded by hills, is crossed by mighty rivers. Romania’s climate is continental, the richest flora in Europe is to be found here. A third of the country’s surface is covered by forests. Large populations of bears, wolves, lynxes, vultures, foxes and chamois inhabit the Carpathians, meanwhile large plains are home to a number of smaller carnivores and rodents, such as foxes, mice, muskrats and hedgehogs.

Thanks to its rich wildlife stock but also its natural beauties, Romania is one of the most attractive hunting destinations in Europe. Our country has 2115 hunting areas and numerous game preserves. A hunting area comprises thousands of hectares of forests and based upon their size these areas are divided into three categories: on lowlands a hunting area has a size of 5 to 7 thousand hectares, in the hill country 7 to 10 thousand hectares, while in the mountains over 10 thousand hectares. Romania’s wildlife stock is a natural heritage of national and international importance, thus the legal provisions in force place a special emphasis on the conservation of biodiversity and on the maintenance of the ecological balance. Due to these precautionary measures and the size of these populations, Romania is home to a wildlife stock with an extremely pure genetic background.
Our centre in Szeklerland is located in the heart of the country, thus any hunting ground is easy to reach within a few hours. 

We are looking forward to your visit!
Good luck and good hunting!

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